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Needed to vent..

I have been holding everything in because I really haven’t had anyone to really vent to and I feel like I’m going to melt down.. lately I feel like my aniexty and depression are coming back so hard.. I feel like every day is a battle to control my emotions and be level headed. . Through my life I realize that people make mistakes and hurt people they love and truly honestly care about. . I forgive you for hurting me so bad.. I can see you feel horrible about by the way you acted when you told me truth is I forgave you the moment I could really tell it hurt you and upset you.. I just know we have a lot of work ahead of us..I think truth is that you’re so scared because u feel like I’m going to ruin your dreams.. truth is I have always supported every dream and ambition you have ever had I have always tried to be that crutch when u needed me to be.. I just wish I had a crystal ball to see my future.. I know and trust in God’s plan but sometimes it’s hard.. I really wish today was Sunday so I can go and worship I pray and read my daily verses I feel like a lot of time they speak to me about anger and patience but I just want to be happy and free again. . Lord I trust you with all of my heart I know you hear me when I pray and talk to you I know you have a plan and I trust you and love you.. maybe this is to show me how I really feel about people sometimes life has to hit you really hard to have big realizations..

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Permalink It’s been 5 years and now I’m starting to doubt…
Whether all my dreams are just aimless stares
Looking off to someplace that isn’t there

When I’m 32 will I be miserable?
With everything around based on principle
Will I have a clue, oh wouldn’t it be nice 
to never be alone in this wasted life.

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And through the cold stay warm? I said!
If it makes its way back to me. I can survive anything.😍😍 #cantsleep #latenightdrive #theghostinside #imissmy240
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Permalink Happy mothers day mommy. Growing up I never understood the things you did till now.. I am so grateful to have you as my mother.. I still don’t know how you put up with all of us.